What is High-Resolution Orthokeratology?

A new concept in orthokeratology that offers:

  • The highest capacity for myopia compensation (up to -10.00 D)
  • Reduced emmetropisation time
  • Optimised Memory Capacity
  • Very simple fitting

Range of parameters

Alexa® ORTO

Myopia up to -3.00 D

Alexa® H

Hypermetropia from 0 to +6.00 D

Alexa® AR PL

Post-corneal surgery patients

Alexa® AR

Myopia 0 to -5.00 D

Alexa® AR Plus

Myopia from -5.00 to -10.00 D

Alexa® AR Toric

up to -3.50 D

What is the Alexa® fitting process like?

One of the key aspects that contributes to success using Alexa® AR
lenses is the Optimised Fitting Process:

  • ALEXA® AR is a parametrised contact lens.
  • Changes are easy to understand and perform when necessary
  • The result is very consistent for all compensations
  • Excellent management of astigmatism, enabling up to -2.00 D with spherical lenses
  • Excellent treatment memory management at the end of the day

Alexa®AR takes your orthokeratology treatment to a new level. Want to progress with Alexa®AR?

Professional services and training for Alexa®AR Fitting

We have an entire department of Professional Services to help answer all your questions about lens fittings. Contact them now:

Orthokeratology eye care practitioners must attend our Certification Webinars for ALEXA® AR. Our webinar schedule can be found at the following link: http://aprender.tiedra.net

I have hypermetropia. Can I use orthokeratology? Alexa® H

Up to +6.00 D compensation in hypermetropia

Excellent centring

Excellent stability

Excellent reproducibility

Initial contact lens: Topography, refraction and HVID

Alexa® AR lens right
Alexa® AR lens left

I want to start using Alexa®AR What do I need to do?

If you would like to start using Alexa AR® high-resolution orthokeratology contact lenses, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the next steps.